Fall Checklist for Gardeners


Photo by Shinde-Kudasai

As the leaves turn and the weather begins to get chilly, there are a few things to keep in mind if you own a garden.  


Casa Sugar has provided a really great checklist of things to do to make sure you keep your plants healthy until next spring.

  1. Bring any houseplants inside to prevent them from freezing.
  2. Prune any dead or damaged branches from your rose bushes. Mulch the plant well and cut the canes back to about 12 inches.  
  3. Plant daffodils, crocus, and tulips now for gorgeous Spring color.  
  4. Tend to your lawn area. Rake up leaves, aerate if it's needed, and mulch and reseed bare patches.  
  5. Clean your garden tools, and have any blades on pruners sharpened.  

Be sure to check out the second half on the Casa Sugar website.

How do you get your plants ready for the colder months?

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