How to Save Money & Planet Making Small Changes at Home

vegetarian soup

Vegetarian meals and cloth napkins

Ideal Bite's Alison Neumer Lara is here with us today, sharing some simple ways to bundle small changes into big savings in your wallet and for our planet.


Cheap Trick

By Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor Alison Neumer Lara

I come across a lot of new green products in my job at Ideal Bite and I'd love to boast about, say, having all-organic linens in my house or a mini windmill on my roof, but I've found — thankfully — that you don't need to spend a ton of money to live healthfully and eco-wise at home.

The simple steps seem to make a difference: Turning off lights and winterizing the house lowers energy use and costs. Drinking water instead of soda cuts back on genetically modified corn syrup, packaging, and the grocery budget. And eating vegetarian a couple times a week (meat production requires loads of water and energy), cooking meals at home, and using cloth napkins instead of paper altogether saves fossil fuels and water, not to mention cash.

Sure, these habits aren't as exciting as buying a sleek hybrid SUV or a great eco swing set for your kid (I confess, both on my wish list), but they don't cost anything either. Instead, these small changes save us money (a lot at that if you consider lower heating and electric bills, plus fewer dinners out) — while impacting the planet's bottom line too. Not bad for skipping a few burgers.


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