What Does "Home" Mean to You?


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The term "home" has different meanings for everyone. To some, it's a physical place. To others, it's a feeling.


"I recently asked the ladies in The CafeMom Newcomers Club what "home" meant to them. Here are some of the answers I received:

briansmommy7143: Home to me is the smile on my boys' faces and the memories my family creates together.  

serioussifL: Home means Nevada, home means hills, home means the saga and the pine. Out by the Truckee silvery rills, out where the sun always shines. There is a land that I love the best, fairer than all I can see, out in the heart of the golden West, "home" means Nevada to me.  

candygirl1030: Home is where I can look like a complete mess and everyone still loves me.

ARMYWIFEHILL: For me it means family! My family! My husband and my daughter (for now). My husband isn't with us right now and our home feels incomplete!

DeniseLV: My "home" is my sanctuary where I can be myself, relax, and enjoy my family and just being there.

jdcamsmom: Home, to me, means where I have all my family close to me. Home is where I'm comfortable and know my way around. Where I am familiar with my surroundings.

So tell me, what does "home" mean to you?

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