Do You Have a Rug in Your Kitchen?

kitchenI love the look of rugs in a kitchen. It's good for tired feet while cooking dinner and adds color into a room that can easily be blah.


But I am so clumsy that if I were to have a rug where I cook, it would have to be super cheap because it will nodoubtedly have sauce stains on it within a week.

And, in my mind, having a rug on a slick floor in a room where there are sharp edges and breakable items on counters scares me. Trip on the rug + little hand on counter to keep balance + plates on said counter = disaster.

I'm probably thinking too much into it. Lots of moms have rugs in their kitchen:

auntietotty says, "I can't imagine not having rugs in my kitchen. I have two smaller ones in front of my stove and sink, and a bigger one as you come in the back door for feet."

Wannabemom2008 also likes them, "I have put throw rugs in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. It is best if you can find the kind that stick, or to find a way to grip them to the floor. I think rugs are a good investment because they make the room less boring and they also help catch water."

Hmm...the stick kind would ease my fear of slipping.

What do you think ladies? Do you have a rug in your kitchen?

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