What Color is Your Front Door?

painted front door

Photo by RoseSiO2

I love the look of painted front doors, they have such a warm, welcoming feeling to them.


RoseSiO2 wants to amp up her curb appeal but isn't quite sure what to do.

"I really want to change the color but I am stumped on what color to paint it. The shutters will have to stay white for the time being. I was thinking a brick red, but some of the neighbors with this house color have already done that, and I think it will be bright against the yellow inside. My other thought was black, but I think it might be boring. The front door also has a stormdoor in front of it with a large window that covers about 2/3 of the door. I think I will be painting that the same color that I decide in painting the door."

Do you have any suggestions for her? What color is your front door?

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