The Inspiring Aromas of Autumn: Share Your Favorite

autumn leaves

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Autumn is so full of distinct and wonderful scents.

I asked several of you to share your favorite smells of fall. Here's what you had to say...


The scents that say "family" and our favorite childhood sense memories, we're sure celebrating the senses around here lately. And for most of us, it doesn't take much to think of our favorite smells. They hold great power like that.

Several of you shared your favorite autumn aromas with us. Your pretty descriptions made me want to eat, get cozy and warm, and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Autumn is delicious:

  • yetti26: The scent of apple cider donuts. I only live a few miles from our local apple orchard, and it takes every fiber in my being to NOT go there every morning.
  • imasurvivor: Smoky maple and pumpkin spice.
  • PinkSodaPop: Cider brewing in my cauldron...okay, maybe it's a crockpot! Warm spiced apple cider warms you up and evokes a comforting feeling each and every autumn.
  • mommyuphold: The rain and pumpkin pie. I love them both!
  • ohiomommyof2: My mom's fresh, homemade bread. The smell of her bread is a sure sign the holidays are near.
  • McQueeney: The smell of cinnamon was overwhelming at my Mom's house — candles, potpourri...cinnamon gum! Now that's she no longer with me, I find the smell extremely comforting...and it makes me smile and think of her!
  • Larisa72: Apples and cinnamon! Yummy smells of baking...
  • honeybee69: The smell of apple cinnamon! Most of my candles are that scent and I burn them almost every day. It was either that or bake apple pies every day!
  • krart: Aside from the wonderful earthy smell of a first rain (the last was about five months ago), I love the aroma of baking. Yesterday I made a lovely coffee spice cake. The aroma filled the house. I had it warm from the oven with a cup of hot green tea! Autumn arrives!

Fall means the beginning of toasty warm fires burning:

  • Peajewel: The combination of the changing leaves and bonfires. The two scents together are spectacular.
  • ColdspringMomma: I love the smell of leaves burning. It means autumn has officially arrived. 

And don't try to tell us CafeMoms that the cool autumn air and leaves don't have an aroma:

  • tracies.beans: Walking outside or opening a window and smelling the air. It's crisp, smells cold, and reminds me of all the wonderful things that come with fall. 
  • loving_mom7: The smell of the crisp air while it's stirring the leaves.
  • mommalynde: Especially in the Midwest where I am from, the smell of the leaves and the crisp air. I asked someone back home to send me some beautiful fall leaves. When I opened them up, I was amazed at the smell that traveled 1,400 miles with them.
  • jewjewbee: Leaves on the ground when we go to the pumpkin patches. The air smells different when leaves have fallen.
  • MrsManners: When I was a child in MI, one of my favorite smells was the crispness of the air. It permeated everything, even the leaves. The leaves had almost a damp smell to them, which sounds like it wouldn't be appealing. However, when you're throwing yourself into a tall pile of them from a low tree branch, it's pure heaven.

Got a favorite autumn aroma? Please share with us.

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