11 Most Delightful Simple Pleasures in Mom's Everyday Life

apple tree

Photo by dbphotos

When you're raising children, it's go, go, go, and stop, it's eat and run, it's a lot of dirty and a little clean, it's no and more no, but — if we pay close attention — there are small wondrous glimpses of peace and joy.

I try to keep grounded in the day-to-day familial chaos by taking delight in the simple pleasures of my everyday life. A small dose of simple joy can go a long way.

What are your everyday simple pleasures?


Here are 11 of my most delightful simple pleasures this week:

  1. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  2. An occasional chocolate chip cookie for breakfast
  3. The first fallen leaf on the front stoop
  4. A stack of folded laundry (that my husband folded, not me!)
  5. The way my almost-three-year old nods with his whole body
  6. The way a coat of white paint makes everything feel brand new
  7. An apple fresh off the tree
  8. How my boys played with three worms for a full hour while I gardened
  9. A washing machine worthy of cleaning off worm goo
  10. The walking and talking with my 1st grader when he gets off the school bus
  11. The quiet night, always the quiet night

What are your everyday simple pleasures? Please share.

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