Do You Live The Green Life?


The following is a guest post by Ideal Bite's Mama Bite contributor Jennifer Orr.

I think I do a pretty good job of living the green life, but I do have my limits. Take toilet paper. Some people use a family cloth, washable rags that they disposed of a bucket after using and then wash daily. Um, yeah, not doing that. But I am a nut about recycling toilet paper tubes. My family ends up with a couple hundred tubes a year. That's a lot of cardboard, which is easy to recycle. I've even got my kids in the habit of putting them into a second trash can in the loo.

My husband is another story...

Also, I won't give up my washing machine to, say, wash my clothes in the bath tub to save electricity. My 2-year-old looks like a walking Jackson Pollack painting most days with all the spills, so yeah, my Maytag and I are tight. But I do use a drying rack to cut energy costs, something my husband is green-ho about.

And, no, I can't give up my car. On the upside, we do drive a hybrid, which reduces smog emissions by 90%, and I've changed many of my driving habits to increase gas mileage. I drive slower and coast more. I've given up idling in the school's carpool lane at school (10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than shutting off the engine and restarting it). And I'm religious about turning on cruise control when driving the freeways, which can increase my gas mileage by up to 35%.

My point is that a little can go a long way. Green is great, but it also has to be realistic, especially for busy mamas.

What does your family do to be green?


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auror... aurorabunny

We try to be green...we recycle, use cloth diapers and cloth wipes, try to keep lights off, etc, etc.  But I'm like you, there are things like toilet paper and the washing machine where I draw the line.

DogsMom DogsMom

Seriously - your kids actually change the toilet paper and remember to save the tube?  I can see them watching  you  change the roll and reminding you to put the cardboard roll in the recycling bin.

And who consciously "coasts" as they are driving?  With kids in the car you have the presence of mind to coast?  We do it on steep hills - with a loud YEE-HA!  And then make up for it with applied gas to go up the next hill.

MomIWant MomIWant

I try, but I am constantly making deals with myself.  So if I use canvas bags for shopping & bring them home in my SUV, I don't feel so guilty.  We have become more green over the last few years and some things are easy, we have recycled for years, but other paper towels...I am having a hard time giving up

Hilary Flowers

If the powers that be really cared about the environment, then they would not arrest a man for living simply and having an outhouse. They would not use depleted uranium munitions. They would not be pushing the small farmers and the Amish off their land. They would not allow open growing of GM crops. They would not allow the coal plants to burn coal without exhaust scrubbers to take out atleast some of the mercury.

The whole thing is geared toward tyranny and the control of the citizenry. It is not about pollution.

Hilary Flowers

Hitler used the children against their parents.  The idea that our schools have the time to brainwash our children into writting pollution tickets for their parents when they use toilet paper or take hot shows is insane.  The co-opting of our children against us ahs nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with pitting our children against us and placing them on the side of tyranny.


People had better wake up fast to the fact that this is going on or else this nation is gone.


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