Things to Do If You Stay Home on Halloween

Photo by redhead3fan

You have your Jack O' Lanterns all carved. Your adorable Costumed Baby Trick or Treated for a whole five minutes to your two neighbors' houses before falling asleep.

That's right. Looks like you're staying home on Halloween.


But it's still too early to settle down with the scary movie, the tombstone cookies, and the pumpkin martinis. And way too early to bust out the pumpkin parfaits. You've even slipped your husband some pumpkins seeds—out of boredom and just in case.

Well, instead of plopping down with a bowl full of candy, how about scaring all those Big Kid Trick or Treaters who come to your door (you know the ones who aren't even wearing costumes)?

Put on your best scary mask and have some fun. Don't have a scary mask to wear? Print out one of these FREE scary masks, created by artist Martina Fugazzotto and available at Daily Candy: Baby Doll Zombie for Moms and Rock Star Zombie for Dads.

Scary Mom Mask from Daily Candy

Scary Dad Mask from Daily Candy

Staying in this Halloween evening? What are your big plans at home?

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