DIY: Paint Old Picture Frames; Make New Art

paint old picture framespainting picture frames













Ready for a before and after?

I'm starting to decorate my twins' nursery and I am on a tight budget. Plus I like doing crafty things. So I decided to dig out old picture frames and do something exciting with them. Paint them in pop colors and put whimsical prints in them for the kids' walls.

If you don't have old frames lying around like I do, you can always pick some up cheap at a thrift store. And you can of course do this for any room in the house.


I'm having boy/girl twins and they will be sharing a room, so I wanted to have a pink and a blue frame, but a bold pink and blue. The prints I choose also had elements of these colors in them, so I dug out my art box and luckily I had paints to mix to make the colors I wanted -- electric blue and candy pink. I also painted over a black frame in black just to make it shiny.

A couple of coats, let dry, and then I put the prints in, and hung on the wall.

paint old picture frames

It's funny, the blue frame with the billy goat chewing on his string tie used to be brown and hold my husband's fourth grade school photo. We saved the photo of course, but repurposed the frame to good use -- for our first son!

Have any old frames in your house you want to repurpose?


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