What's On Your Nightstand?

Photo from IKEA

Aneboda Nightstand, $39.99

Right now, I've got three half-drunk bottles of water, a clock, a flashlight, some glasses, my retainer, and a stack of about six books on my nightstand. Oh, and there's a large lamp too. The drawers (there are three) are stuffed with all kinds of stuff—batteries, pens and pencils, film from like 2003, ear plugs, toys, receipts, three-year-old hand cream, checkbooks, and more.


According to the Task Pros, a messy nightstand is a big no-no. They say there's no way you can get a good night's sleep with your head next to clutter. That's not true for me, but here's what they suggest.

Keep it neat!

1. Get a basket or box where you can stack your magazines and books under the stand. A nice designer box is best as it has a lid and hides the mess.

2. Don't just throw things in the drawers. Get a drawer organizer and give everything its own place—that way you always know where it is.

3. Your nightstand should only have the essentials: lamp, alarm clock, and a glass of water.


What's on your nightstand?

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