Pantone Color Collections: Housewares in Precisely the Color You Want

pantone housewares, typhoon, colorpantone housewares, typhoon, color mugs

pantone housewares, typhoon, color pepper grinderpantone housewares, typhoon, color tea towels

When I worked in marketing, we had a Pantone color booklet we always consulted for our artwork and designs. Pantone is a standard color-matching system used by graphic designers and printers to match inks, papers, etc. In other words, it's the system that makes it so you can always have precisely the right red in your advertising and graphic materials.

Well, now you can get housewares in Pantone colors too. What fun!


From canisters and coffee mugs to tea towels and pepper mills, now there are a bunch of cute, modern housewares in Pantone colors.

Anyone who loves color and modern design will love these collections. Also, a great gift for any graphic designer, printer, or even an advertising underling forced to remember the Pantone color of the logo. Been there!

I always thought it'd be fun to apply Pantone's color-matching system to everything. Then no matter where we went, we'd all always have access to the same set of colors. You know, tell your house painter you want Pantone XXXX green for your kitchen or your local nursery you want roses in Pantone XXXX red for the yard. Couldn't this be fun?

Check out several Pantone housewares products on the Heal's website.

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