The No-Shoe Rule for Houseguests

no shoes in the house ruleMy mom always forgets to take her shoes off when she comes into my house. It's a hard habit for her to break, and I get sick of asking, so I let it go. Thank goodness for hard wood.

So the other day she tells me she's getting a new light-colored carpet for her den, but now she's all worried about it getting dirty.

"Um, hello, Mom! Just ask people to take off their shoes before coming in the house!"

"Really?" she says. "I can do that? But I feel so bad ..."

I've had a no-shoe rule in the house for years and I never felt bad or guilty or rude. It's fact that leaving shoes at the mat keeps the house cleaner -- tons of studies on dirt and dust have shown that. Now whether people actually oblige me ... that's a different story.


I might start hanging a "Please remove your shoes" sign at the door, like some moms in Answers say they do.

"If you want to make it fun, give them the option of removing shoes or putting $5 donation in a bucket per pair to go towards the carpet cleaning!" suggested doodlebopfan.

"When we have company over, I always put a towel or rug down right next to the door and put a few pairs of our shoes on it," says BlessedMommy64. "When people walk in, they see it and automatically take their shoes off and put them on the towel (or rug). They get the hint without having to say anything to them. Works every time!"


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How do you ask people to take off their shoes -- with a sign, subtle hint, outright request? Are they offended?
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