Decorating with Busts

decorating with bustsI have a fantastic thrift shop a block away from my apartment (this can be both a good and bad thing!).


One morning while passing by the window, I saw this decorative bust and fell in love. Isn't she gorgeous? Unfortunately, it was up for auction and ended up being out of my price range. But, I am now hooked and am on the lookout for an afforadable one. Oh, the things I would do with a bust!

Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

  • Set it on a dresser and drape necklaces over it.
  • Place it in the living room, topping it with a hat to make it not so formal.
  • Hide it among plants to add a little whimsy to a garden.
  • Spraypaint it. I like the idea of all-white but if you're brave, I love the idea of painting it modern, punchy bright colors.

I keep seeing busts used in my favorite home magazines...this old classic is becoming super trendy but it's getting mixed reviews. I personally love it, but others find them a little creepy.

Do you like this trend? How would you decorate with a bust?

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