Vintage Light Switch Covers Look Chic

vintage light switch cover

Photo from FrillyNillys

I love old things...vintage shopping is my favorite thing to do whether it's for clothes or stuff for the house. If I had my choice, I would live in an old house with a big front porch and inside would be original details like tin ceilings and intricate moldings and fireplaces. Of course I'd want the plumbing and electricity to be new, but you get the idea.

My apartment, however, is in a modern building, so I add vintage accents to get that feel I like so much. And I love old light switch covers.


FrillyNillys sells this pink vintage light switch cover ($5.99) and it would look great in a girls room or you can even paint it to go with whatever room you want to put it in.

This rounded black outlet cover ($4.80) from REandCYCLE adds a gothic touch. Would look great on a white wall.

You can even find covers just for baby's room like this nursery switch plate cover ($5) from hayleybritt.


outlet cover

Photo from REandCYCLE

switchplate cover

Photo from hayleybritt













Do you add vintage accents to your home?


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