Cute Sayings Around the House?

Photo by gr8lilmom22

What do you have to say around your home?

praisinghim2day has a fun post up in the Not Quite Martha group (must be a group member to view) asking "Do You Have Any Cute Sayings Around Your Home?"

It got me thinking about ours.


We have a funny "Save yourself!" mantra that came out of my youngest's latest food strike. It's a way of reminding myself to "take the oxygen first" and then help the kids, but it's also a way of stressing independence for everyone as well.

In Cafe MicheleZ's house, she says, "Tonight is Baba night," which means she needs bonding time with Mr. Cafe MicheleZ.

In Cafe Kim's house, she and Mr. Cafe Kim have a silly back and forth they've developed. "If I say 'Go get donuts', he says 'You're the donuts.' It's the 'you're the' comeback."

What sayings, cute or silly, do you have around your home?

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