Ceiling Fans Save $$ -- In Winter!

ceiling fans save heat

Ensemble by Minka Aire; $650

I never considered a ceiling fan until I saw the real pretty one my neighbor installed. It's not clunky at all -- it's a sleek white contemporary fan that blends into the ceiling.

You barely see it but boy can you feel it -- it cools the entire downstairs in the summer.

She also uses it a lot in the winter. Ceiling fans are a great save energy choice for wintertime. By changing the direction of the blades, you can displace cooler air up toward the ceiling, allowing the warmer air (which normally rises) to settle closer to the ground.

Bottom line is fewer trips to crank the thermostat.


But obviously this is still pretty much a secret to everyone because a lot of ceiling fans are on sale now. I'm going shopping ...

This one above is the one I really want ... isn't it lovely?

At $650, this designer model is an investment, but more utilitarian models like the one below from Lowe's go for around $100 at home improvement stores. I really love this one for it's simplicity and clean lines.

Do you use your ceiling fan in the winter? Does it keep your room warmer?


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