Removing Furniture Indents In the Carpet

fixing furniture indents in the carpetHave you ever rearranged the furniture only to discover that your couch, love seat, chairs, coffee table, etc. have left deep, matted indents in the rug?

Ugh. I hate those!

Here are some quick ideas to get rid of furniture indents in the carpet...

  • Shelterrific suggests melting an ice cube in the indent to restore the fibers.
  • Taking this one step further, The Frugal Life recommends vaccuuming the indent (after applying the ice cube) to life the rug's fibers back up. 
  • DIY Life offers two ideas to remove furniture indentations: 1) Wet a towel and use a steam iron to "iron" out the indents; or 2) Use a blow dryer and a comb or brush.

Have any of these methods worked for you? How do you remove furniture indentations from the carpet?

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