How to Remove Wax From Glass Votives

I love using my pretty IKEA glass votive candle holders for special occasions and even not-so-special occasions. They add so much glow to a room!

But glass votives are so frustrating to clean because they always get that gunky, wax build-up in the bottom. Mine always looked dirty...until I found this easy technique to clean them.


I've read that you can put the used candle holders in the freezer for several hours, and then the frozen wax just pops out. This did NOT work for me, and I even broke one in the process. Bad!

Here's what did work:

  1. Remove any wax that you can.
  2. Heat water in a tea kettle until just before it boils.
  3. Place a spoon in the votive and slowly pour hot water onto the ladle of the spoon until the water reaches the top. The spoon (hopefully!) helps to prevent the hot water from shattering the glass. Careful! The spoon will get really hot.
  4. The hot water should cause the wax to dislodge. Wipe out with a paper towel.

You can even run them through the dishwasher or use glass cleaner to make your votives even more sparkling!

Do you have a good technique for removing wax from glass candle holders?


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