Cleaning Checklists, Dishwasher Tricks: Links I Love


Photo by seakla

Cleaning should lead to things being clean, but why does that never seem to be the case? Here are some links I love dealing with the ongoing pain:



Got mold in the bathroom? Here's a four-step attack plan. — Woman's Day

In this article, he cooks, she cleans...can I have the opposite please? — Cookie

5 smart dishwasher tricks. — Woman's Day

Good news, cleaning can count as a workout! — That's Fit

Tons of cleaning checklists. Very useful. —  Martha Stewart

Aromatherapy dish soap that might make dishwashing enjoyable...I said might. — Cool Mom Picks

Which housekeeping task could you go without in a dream world? — Lil Sugar

Who does most of the cleaning in your household?

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