How to Make Your Own Curtains: Cheap & Easy

make your own curtains

Living room curtains

I am a curtain person as you can see in my mini home tour at my old apartment. My sister...hates curtains. She is a shutters person. Those shutters she has, although really nice, are just too expensive for me. Besides, I love me a colorful curtain. But they can be expensive, too. I hate when they sell one panel for $50. One panel? Come on, curtain makers!

So years ago I embarked on my own curtain making. And let me assure you...I am not skilled with a needle and thread -- and I sew by hand. If I can do it, anyone can. All you need is patience. And supplies of course.

-- Measure your windows to decide how much fabric you need and how long you want your curtains.

-- You can purchase fabric from any fabric store or order online. I love the tapestries and coverlets from Urban Outfitters (especially when they are on sale) and Full Moon Loom. You can even make curtains from sheets.

make your own curtains

Babies room -- room in progress


-- A basic window often needs just one full size tapestry or 7 by 9 feet.

-- For that basic window, you can measure how you want fabric to hang, then cut in half. Sew hem on edges.

-- Larger windows will of course require more, but remember to measure and allow extra fabric so curtain has that curtainly wave and doesn't just look like a sheet pinned to the window like I used to have in college.

-- I hem the top of the curtain with a loop, so the curtain rod slips through.



-- For the bedroom, I double layered two different fabrics to shield out the most light. I just sewed fabric together and it's not only thicker, but reversible!

Bedroom window

Double layer reversible curtain















If I purchased pre-made curtains, I would have had to spend at least three times the amount I did. Sure, it was a little blood (from needle pricks) and sweat (and annoyance at times on re-threading that little needle), but it was all worth it.

Would you try this? Do you make your own curtains? Have any other tips to share?

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sodapple sodapple

you know ... another tip i'm going to give a try to! our new home does not have curtains (for the moment) and hubby just put black plastic bags that not only help a little but they make me drepressed and i can't wait to go out and get fabric and fix my home =-( yay.  thank you!!!

ps. love the curtain on the babies room =-D

rozepyle rozepyle

thats awesome! im currently in the process of making curtains and i have been having an issue with attaching the little round thingies to slip on the rod but ill skip em and do what your doing (hemming as a loop as opposed to attaching them, cuts back on half the time!) 

toria... toriandgrace

My husband hates the cheap looking blinds, so I'm going to have to curtain our new house and I think I'll definitely try making them!

rebec... rebecca_tal4

awesooome!!! we just moved too and we have NO curtains on any of our windows! i love the bright and colorful tapestries!

i do have a sheet covering the window in my bedroom tho lol

truet... truetigress

I know what you mean hon. We found a beautiful circus colored set of curtains for our living room a few years ago from Jc Penny...$30.00 a was the cheapest set but very pretty. I am terrible when it comes to changing my house decor. I love to change it to fit the seasons..but my husband recently got laid off and it appears he won't be working any time soon, so I began crocheting my curtains. Because we already have blinds on each one I wanted to make valances...Still I am thinking about making some "autumn" curtains for my living room this year...that window doesn't have blinds so it needs to be double backed. I know I can find good heavy fabric and make one. *S*

jennm... jennmarie77

I love making my own curtains, it's the finding the material I like that is hard. 

I cringe at spending $20/panel, let alone $50/panel, so I don't mind making my own. 

I did find some really good deals on curtains at Kmart a couple of weeks ago.  Martha Stewart is leaving Kmart, so all her curtains and everything else is marked down.

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