Ask Anthony: How to Remove Old Floor Covering and Sticky Adhesives

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Today HGTV's Anthony Gilardi provides advice for the quick removal of floor covering and adhesives underneath one CafeMom's carpets.

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Q: Anthony, can you suggest a simpler way of removing old foam rubber backed carpet padding from the floor beneath that has been stuck down for several decades? I am willing to scrape but do not want to damage the floor or subfloor (not sure what I have) more than necessary. Is there a solvent product to use? Any help appreciated.


A: Hey, DogsMom. Thanks for writing in.

I did some research for you. What we're looking for is an affordable "Do It Yourself" floor covering and adhesive remover product that can save you time on labor, yet keep you and your family safe. I found the website of a product that I've used in the past for just such a purpose.

Anthony Tip:
Read the manufacturer's directions CAREFULLY. Follow SAFETY advice!!!

Be smart. Be an "Anthony Apprentice." Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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