Living in Chaos! Is FlyLady Worth a Try?

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My step-mother is the queen of clutter. It's pretty clear that her problem stems more from a psychological or emotional attachment to stuff rather than an inability to be neat. But still, her office is in need of serious help.

We've helped her organize it a few times, but it always goes back to being an unnavigable mess. In my quest to find a way of helping her, I came across the FlyLady.

If you don't already know, the FlyLady and her crew are personal cleaning and de-cluttering coaches who will give you all the tools you need (sometimes literally) to whip your home into shape. They'll give you a schedule and send you e-mail reminders and sell you products and give you pep talks. At least, this is what I can garner from the Fly Lady web site. I haven't tried it.

While FlyLady sure seems like it can be helpful to some, I have to admit that the web site stressed me out. It's so incredibly busy... so many links and boxes and colors. It's much too cluttered for me to even delve into (much like my step-mother's office).

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about FlyLady. There's even a group here at CafeMom called the FlyLady Club Home Organizing and Cleaning Help, which is devoted to helping moms who find the FlyLady approach a little too overwhelming (me!).

Tell me, have you tried FlyLady? Has it worked for you? What do you like about it? What don't you like? Should I get over my initial stressed-out reaction to the site and jump right in?

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DogsMom DogsMom

I heard of FlyLady years ago when my sister wanted to try it. Her reaction was there was too much "information" hitting her mailbox. If she tried to read it all she'd never have time to clean.   There are other helpful sites as well, but if it is really a psychological clutter, even if you convinced her to empty the room it would not be a permanent change. You have to find the feelings behind the disorder.

That is something I know about firsthand. I come from a family of "gatherers." It is a constant battle.  I will check out the CM group you mentioned.  Thanks sweeping

auror... aurorabunny

Get off your butt and clean your house.  Will someone pay me for saying that? ;)

Let me know when you find a website for OCD cleaners who actually need to STOP trying to organize everything so much.

jeana jeana

I don't use her all of the time, but I do love the tips and motivation. I check in with her about once a week, use the zones, and routines. Works great for me!

eeyor... eeyoreplus4

I love the tips & ideas & have started using some of them recently. I am also biased because she is located in my town :)~

Lumin... LuminousMom

Ugh I regret clicking that link... her website is so frantic!! I took classes on professional organizing when I went to college for interior design.. and seriously.. her website doesn't give me much hope for her skills but hey.. with organizing, nothing works for everyone, and if it works for someone- good for them!!

sodapple sodapple

i tried her once and i just kept on clicking to see what i had missed apparently i do a good job at cleaning... my sink is always clean lol i really didn't see the point of sticking to it, so i went to clean and fix on  my own =-D

mnms0802 mnms0802

I totally understand what you are saying about the FlyLady website- and I recall in the past I have clicked on the button to have emails sent to me from them, and I got so overwhelmed with the emails and challenges, I had to stop them. It gets hard sometimes, with kids. In my life, I am always sidetracked by someone, something, whatever. So I hear ya! I would love to join this group!

nonmember avatar Kathy

Flylady has changed my life, but you do have to ignore a lot of it. The beginner babysteps are excellent. Just start there & ignore the rest. I used to procrastinate on housework until it was a huge mess and then have such a martyred attitude when I had to dive into it. I was angry most of the time about something that was an everyday part of my life that I was not going to change. Through her methods, I am now living in a house that makes me happy and I have much more time. I have shared housework with my family in a reasonable way, without feeling anyone is being punished.

I have been a member for about 8 years. I read a couple of her emails most days, and delete the rest. It's not for everyone, but if her message does resonate with you, don't feel that you have to read everything to "get" it. She'll be the first one to say that the *ONLY* thing that you have to do on day one is shine your sink.

Momof... Momof3cuties

I LOVE flylady! I too was overwhelmed by her site at first...but if you follow the baby steps & create routines, follow the guidelines, it does work without having to follow the site exactly. I am an admin & member of Fluttering Flybabies here on CM...we use flylady & have a good set up to help you out if you are interested in checking us out! I managed to declutter my entire house in about a year, and I have managed to maintain it with the help of fly lady & my fellow fluttering flybabies!

Momof... Momof3cuties
This is the Fluttering Flybabies group link

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