Elevated Pet Feeders: I Want These!

I love these modern-style raised dog dishes as seen on ...love Maegan. The brand is Replus and as of now you can't get them online, but I found some similar alternatives...


Vets sometimes recommend elevated feeders for pets who have digestive issues or back/leg issues that make it difficult for them to bend over. You can buy affordable raised plastic feeders from most pet stores, but I did a little sleuthing for some "fancy" ones just so we can dream a little...

I'm liking the clean butcher block-style of this Elevated Dog Feeder Pair from Andrewsreclaimed, $55.

elevated dog dish


And these Asian-style Pet Feeders ($65.99-$83.99) from Trendy Pet don't even look like pet feeders. In fact, they look nicer than the plates I eat off of!

elevated dog dish


Do you have elevated feeders for your pet(s)?

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