Pumpkin-Free Jack O' Lanterns

Photo from Martha Stewart

First, there were these 5 Pretty No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas. Then we took it up a notch and shared the Low-Carve Whack-O'-Lantern Idea (with built-in Halloween stress relief and everything!). 

But you're right. I have had nothing to lend for those of you who just don't want to deal with a pumpkin at all.

Well, here comes a pumpkin-free Jack O' Lantern idea just for you.


Whether you can't stand the squashy smell, the tedious scary face carving, or you're just completely cucurbitophobic, this pumpkin-less Jack O' Lantern will work out great for you (and you can use them over again next year too!).

You get to use tin cans instead of pumpkins. Thank you, Martha Stewart.

Here's how to make your Pumpkin-Free Jack O' Lantern in seven easy steps.

  1. Remove the labels from your tin cans and clean them inside and out.
  2. Fill each can with water and freeze overnight.
  3. Use an awl and hammer to punch holes into a festive face (keep can in place by bracing it on a bag of rice).
  4. Let the ice defrost (no microwaves, please!).
  5. Dry the can and paint its exterior with oil-based enamel.
  6. Use a toothpick to clear any holes that get blocked with paint.  
  7. On Halloween night, drop in a votive and light up your scary face!

Pumpkin haters can love and enjoy Halloween too, see?

(Via Apartment Therapy SF)

Not afraid of pumpkins? How many pumpkins do you have decorating your porch or home right now?

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