Where do You Shop for Home Decor?

home decor shoppingI'm a bargain shopper...I rarely spend a lot of money on anything. So when it comes to home decor stuff, I love places like Target and Home Goods, as well as thrift shops and flea markets.

MamaCasey2008 asked the ladies in the Home Interior Decorating Ideas and Tips group where they shopped for home stuff...here's what they said:


Mom_by_Day: I go to Lowes and Walmart for big stuff, but I like to go to antique stores for those unusual finds that go with stuff I already have. Plus I like to go to Joann fabric to let my imagination get away with me!

ceciliam: I get most of my home decor from Restoration Hardware and Home Decorators.

MaMaCasey2008: I shop all over. We do not own our own home so we have not bought any big appliances yet. I have shopped at Big Lots for a lot of items. 

What's your favorite store to shop at for home decor?

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