Clothes Dryer Disaster

clothes dryer fires

Photo by BrettMommy08

My husband is much better than I am about remembering to turn off the clothes dryer before we leave the house. His good friend from high school lost their family home this way. Lint caught in the trap and in the exhaust duct can become overheated and lead to a clothes dryer fire.

Listen to what happened to ajzuell recently:

"I went in my bedroom to lay down and watch TV. My man comes in the house and asks what's burning. I wasn't cooking -- then I thought about he dryer! He checked it; there was a fire in the back! Lucky after pouring water on it three times, it was out. I never noticed the burning smell. He smelled it from the outside. I'm scared to use a dryer now.  I will be hanging clothes out on the line for a while now!"


Check out these tips on how to prevent clothes dryer fires.



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