The TV Is Inside the Refrigerator

TV in the refrigerator, fridge, television

Photo from My Paper Crane

Several of you were not sold on the TV in the fireplace idea (it's too low, most of you commented). However, I think this TV inside the fridge, found on My Paper Crane, is a great idea! Look at all the storage inside.


Think DVDs in the crisper! The remote control in the butter compartment! Extra batteries in the egg holes! :)

This is especially fun if you have or find one of those cute old-style refrigerators with the rounded corners (unless, maybe, that cute old fridge qualifies for the upcoming Cash for Refrigerators program and you need a new one).

My mind is kinda humming on all the ideas you could employ on the fridge exterior too — from a fresh coat of paint or a painted mural to kids artwork or even dry erase paint for family Pictionary games! Oh boy!

Do you hide your TV anywhere interesting? Tell us your television storage secret.

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