SIGG Bottles Found to Contain BPA

SIGG bottles, BPA

Photo from Mamanista

Jeremiah of ZRecommends recently reported the bad news about SIGG bottles. It seems the "Swiss sports and children's bottle maker SIGG has admitted what many consumer advocates have suspected for years, but never proven: That the epoxy lining used for years in SIGG bottles — which they secretly swapped out for a new liner last summer — contained the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A" (also known as BPA).

Great...And mothers across the nation have been forking out oodles of cash for these aluminum water bottles for their families because they believed them to be über-safe.


Based on Jeremiah's findings, it sounds like no BPA leaches from the old SIGG linings; however, the linings do CONTAIN BPA. So take that information as you will. I'm more fired up that SIGG seemingly took advantage of a market "on edge" about the risks of BPA and made tons of money off our fear. SIGG bottles are not cheap either.

You can read more about this SIGG cover-up story over on ZRecommends, and you can also find out:

  • How to figure out if your SIGG bottle is affected (mostly those purchased before August 2008), and
  • How to demand a replacement from SIGG USA (email or call them at (203) 321-1220).

Have you bought SIGG bottles for your family? What do you think of this news? Will you purchase SIGG products going forward?

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