Kitchen Cabinet Decorating

kitchen decor

Photo by GoBryan

It's hard to have actual decorations in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen space like I do, those clunky appliances take up the majority of the room.

That's why I really like the idea of displaying items on the top of your upper cabinets, all that space is just begging for some decor!


Here's how some moms in the Home Decor and So Much More group decorated the top of their cabinets:

GoBryan: I have extra tall cabinets, so I don't have a space between the top of the cabinet at the ceiling. I did in my first home, though, and I used to place teapots, bird houses and silk ivy around the top.

Halloween07Mom: My aunt collects unique glass bottles (various colors and shapes) and when she had her kitchen redone she put strip lighting on top of the cabinets and lined up the bottles on top. The light illuminates the bottles and it looks very cool. 

brittanie: Seasonal stuff is above ours and big blocks that say "Home."

toomanypoodles: I have roosters and a few chickens-French country

Do you display anything on top of your kitchen cabinets?



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