DIY Dumpster Swimming Pools: The New Dumpster Diving

dumpster pools, Brooklyn

Photo from ReadyMade

Was listening to NPR the other day and seems there's a new kind of swimming pool in Brooklyn. Dumpster pools!


Macro Sea, a Manhattan real estate developer, started the Dumpster swimming pool project. They were inspired by a rock musician in Georgia.

The Brooklyn multi-pool prototype is set up in an industrial lot in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood and guests may access them by invitation only. There are two bigger five-and-a-half-foot-deep Dumpsters and a more shallow kiddie pool Dumpster. There's even a deck and poolside furniture.

Does this whole idea of swimming in a Dumpster make you feel dirty? Well, each Dumpster is lined in thick plastic and the water clean and chlorinated, as you'd find with any public swimming pool.

This idea is nothing if not innovative. And what a great example of creative reuse and community building. Now locals can get to know one another and cool off without leaving the neighborhood.

Plus, they estimate this project can be DIY'd for less than $1,000. Hmmm... That's considerably less than putting an built-in pool in your yard.

Please note: you probably shouldn't actually dive into these Dumpsters. They're not that deep. :)

Maybe you can DIY one of these Dumpster swimming pools for your backyard. What do you think?

Read more about the Dumpster pool project on NPR (listen too) or ReadyMade.

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