5 Ways to Reuse an Old Shower Curtain

shower curtainWhen the ends start becoming dingy on your shower curtain, it's time to get a new one. Meaning the old one gets tossed, right?


Woman's Day has come up with five different ways to reuse your old shower curtain:


1. Avoid bathroom puddles. Have you ever tried to wash a dog (or two-year-old for that matter) in the tub? If you have, then you know that your bathroom floor is practically a miniature lake afterwards. Place the curtain on the floor to avoid flooding.

2. Protect the kitchen table. Cover it up on arts and crafts days...no more paint and Play-Doh messes.

3. Catch paint. I have always spent money on those plastic sheets when painting a wall...not anymore! Stick a curtain on the floor as a dropcloth for misdirected splotches.

4. Shield the entryway. On those rainy days, lay it in front of the door for muddy shoes.

5. Stay dry at a picnic. Use as a ground cloth under your blanket to prevent dew or rainwater from seeping through.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you found other uses for old household items?

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