Create a Sexy Bedroom

sexy bedroomsYour bedroom is your sanctuary. It's (hopefully) a place that you can unwind, away from loud toys and chaos. And, hopefully, more often than not, a place to have a little fun.


Unfortunately, in real life, the bedroom is the room that gets the least attention. Instead, it becomes a dumping ground for clothes, an office to bring work home to, or another version of the TV room. Not sexy.

If you want to sex up the bedroom, try these ideas:

  • Get rid of the TV. Trust me, without the TV in the room, you will find other ways to occupy your time.
  • Use a dimmer, candles, or task lighting such as lamps instead of overhead lighting. It creates shadows and the glow is flattering for everyone.
  • Line your bed with indulgent materials. The softness of silks and satins are sure to inspire.
  • Place a mirror somewhere. You don't have to be blatantly obvious and put it over the bed, but a mirror strategically placed definitely adds sexy sparkle.

What are some ways you decorate to encourage your sex life?



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