DIY Projects From Repurposed Drawers

repurposing old drawers

Photo from Apartment Therapy

If you have an old dresser you're getting rid of, don't throw it away until you hear me out...

Take out the drawers and transform them into all sorts of fun DIY projects:

  • As seen here from Apartment Therapy, you can stack a bunch of drawers on top of each other to make a chic vertical storage piece. Props if you lay the bottom of the drawers with cute lining first. Here are other examples of turning drawers into vertical storage.  
  • Convert it into a display box or bookshelf. Just fill it with whatever your heart desires and hang it on the wall with a few screws. Easy, simple, and cheap!
  • Believe it or not, you can also turn your former undie drawer into a mini-garden. Replace the bottom of the drawer with sturdy screening, fill with potting soil, and add your plant of choice. If you use it indoors, be sure to put a tray slightly larger underneath for drainage.
  • Fido will love this idea...turn it into a pet bed. Just be sure to take out all the nails and screws and stuff with a nice, comfy pillow. You may want to add a piece of Velcro to the bottom of the drawer to keep the pillow in place.

Have you ever repurposed old furniture?



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