Fresh Idea for the Forgetful

BounceSo I'm a creative director at a digital ad agency, and one of the perks of my job is that sometimes I get to try my clients' new products early. One of the accounts I'm on is Bounce.

Not sure if you've heard of this new dryer bar, but I was given the Bounce Dryer Bar Outdoor Fresh for free, so we'd know about it for our work. And I was recently asked if I'd be willing to share my experience.

OK, so yes, it looks kind of like a maxi pad (sorry clients!). It's true though. But I'm OK with it, because it stays in my dryer anyway. What I like about it is the very fact that it's out of sight, out of mind.


The thing is, I'm forgetful. Almost every day, I have to return to my house because I forgot my phone, my sunglasses, my building pass. I forget to water my plants (until they droopily announce my error), and I tend to remember that I'm out of milk after I get back from the grocery store. A few weeks ago, I actually ended up washing the same laundry three times because I kept forgetting about it in the washing machine for days at a time. 

My mom has used Bounce sheets since I was little, so I've always been a fan. But like I said, my mind is like a sieve. If I forget to put my laundry itself in the dryer, you can imagine how anything beyond that is a long shot. And it's silly, because adding the sheet is so easy. It's the remembering that gets me!

So here's why the Bounce Dryer Bar works for me. You just stick it on the inside of your dryer, and then forget about it (on purpose!). Now, when I do a load of laundry, it comes out with the Bounce smell that I love -- with no effort whatsoever on my part. I never have to thunk myself on the head for forgetting the fabric softener, plus I don't end up finding myself at work hours later with a Bounce sheet stuck in the cuff of my jeans!  :-)

Is there a product like this that you love because it simplifies your life? I'm all ears.

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