Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour: Not for the Green at Heart

The guilty ticket to Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show

So I'm going to Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show this weekend. I've had tickets since May. I've been so excited, but then I read this article: Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour Generates Huge Carbon Footprint.

Uh oh. Now what? Should I support Madonna's newest tribute to excess?


In our household, like many of yours, we've been doing our best to make eco-friendly changes, wherever possible, atop our usual recycling and moderate buying of things. And that, from time to time, has meant not supporting companies or persons who use questionable practices in terms of environmental impact.

But I've loved Madonna since 1983! I still remember running home from school in the 9th grade to catch the release of the "Lucky Star" video. Swoon! It still makes me happy. I know, I know there's been lots of not-great Madonna news swirling around, but I don't think I care. I have seen her twice before, but I want to see her again! *sigh*

But the planet... Oh, what should I do?


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