I Found My Housecleaning Soul Mate

kitchen sink, cleaning house

Most days, I cannot even force myself to read an article about cleaning house. I hardly want to think about cleaning house, let alone read about it.

But this post about keeping the house clean, this one got me...


Just read and really really liked (can't use the word "loved" about cleaning; sorry...) Melissa's post Four Daily Routines: How I keep my house “clean enough” over on The Inspired Room.

She hooked me immediately by saying "clean enough." Those words are like soft sweet nothings in my ears. Clean enough! Yes. Cause that's exactly what my house is on a day- to-day basis. It's not dirty. It's nowhere near spotless. It's fairly neat. It looks like we live here, all four of us. But I can't honestly say it's clean. However, it is, indeed, clean enough for us.

Melissa goes on to share four ways she keeps her house "clean enough." And it doesn't involve fancy, or even homemade, cleaners per se. No lists, no charts, no software. Instead, her routine involves making some priorities and, for the most part, leaving the rest. She makes the spaces in her home that matter most to her family "clean enough." One of her favorite daily routines even involves "frenzy." Oh, now I know all about frenzies.

Oh, Melissa, I like it. I really like it. In fact, I almost kinda love it. Thanks for shining a light (but not too bright a light) on those of us who are happy to keep our houses clean enough.

Is a "clean enough" home clean enough for you? What must-do tasks are in your routine to keep your house clean enough?

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