I Found It! The Perfect Gray

perfect gray house color

Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore

We've decided to paint our beat-up looking cedar shake house a nice medium gray, inspired by a quaint little home the next town over that I absolutely love. Picking the general color was the easy part of the process. Then came the hard part -- finding the right shade.

We started this project on Friday, and already we've been through about $30 paint samples. Woodsmoke Gray was too green; Driftwood was too light; River Birch was too brown. Those samples are a great idea, but the paint chips never look like you think they are going to look on the actual house. One side now looks like a funky chess board.


Finally, we did yesterday what we should have done in the first place -- we knocked on the door of house whose color inspired me in the first place.

I was nervous at first, but the owners couldn't have been nicer or more helpful, and they actually gave us a sample ... of their house! Their house wasn't even paint, it was siding. The man who lived there, who was actually painting his living room when we walked in, dug out a three foot leftover panel from his garage for us to take to the paint store and match up, which we did this morning.

We painted a few swaths around the house to make sure it was a pretty accurate match, and it was. I'd love to show you a picture of the color ... something called Gravelstone Gray, but it's not online. The one above is close, but ours is a tad darker.

How far have you gone to find the perfect paint color? Have you knocked on doors, pinched a few chips off a beloved house, used one of those iPhone paint matching apps?

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