Flea Marketing 101

flea market tipsThe majority of items in my apartment came from flea markets and thrift shops. I just love digging around for hidden treasures! However, walking into an outdoor space chock full of odds and ends can be pretty distracting.


Our friends over at MyHomeIdeas.com has put together a list of flea market tips so you can learn how to stay focused and achieve your flea market hunt:

  • Do your research. They suggest checking sites like Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles before you go.
  • Make a shopping list information such as measurements and color schemes.
  • Set your budget (noting this to myself!). It's easy to overspend because you feel like you're getting deals. Also, keep in mind that vendors prefer cash or checks.
  • You can't return what you buy, so make sure you love it before purchasing.
  • Be polite. It's normal to bargain, but instead of saying "I'll give you this amount," try, "Are you willing to take this amount?" Vendors will respect bargainers that have manners.

Be sure to check out MyHomeIdeas for advice on spotting authentic wares from reproductions.

Do you enjoy going to flea markets? What treasures have you brought home?

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