Rebellious Gardening Grandpa: Be Inspired

Photo by the Daily Mail

You gotta love this story about 72-year old British grandfather, Brian Hubbard, who got busted on the charges of being TOO TIDY a gardener.


Hubbard, who lives in Herefordshire, England, has been maintaining the publicly owned grassy patch outside his home for eight years. Recently though, he received an "encroachment" warning from the Council of Herefordshire's parks, countryside and leisure development service .

When Hubbard inquired about the letter, a Council Official explained that if he kept too tidy a lawn, "people might not feel they could walk over it."

Hubbard plans to ignore the letter.

Here's to tidy gardening with a vengeance. It's hard not to love a rebellious Gardening Grandpa like Mr. Hubbard.

(via Neatorama)

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