Who Wants a Craft Room? (she asks, hands raised)

craft room

Photo from MadeByGirl

How much does this photo make you want to have a craft room in your home?


This picture is from a little tour of Lotta Adolfsson's sweet craft room over on MadeByGirl.

Between this craft room tour and Sharilyn of lovelydesign's in-home design studio, seen in her home tour on CafeMom yesterday, I'm in full-on-craft-room-lust mode.

My husband just doesn't understand why I want a table, just a plain old table, that's set up and free and clear at all times, in order to do some craftiness, gift wrapping, or general creative futzing around.

*sigh* A craft room would be so nice.

Do you have a craft room or designated area for getting creative?

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