Who Wants a Craft Room? (she asks, hands raised)

craft room

Photo from MadeByGirl

How much does this photo make you want to have a craft room in your home?

This picture is from a little tour of Lotta Adolfsson's sweet craft room over on MadeByGirl.

Between this craft room tour and Sharilyn of lovelydesign's in-home design studio, seen in her home tour on CafeMom yesterday, I'm in full-on-craft-room-lust mode.

My husband just doesn't understand why I want a table, just a plain old table, that's set up and free and clear at all times, in order to do some craftiness, gift wrapping, or general creative futzing around.

*sigh* A craft room would be so nice.

Do you have a craft room or designated area for getting creative?

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DogsMom DogsMom

Boy- do I have the supplies - a lifetimes worth. Several lifetimes, in fact, as I inherited much from an aunt.  And  I have the room, a designated upstairs out of the way former bedroom.  Under all the piles and piles of stuff I am sure I have a table (or 3). Hoping to get something set up I did buy the great plastic drawer sets so I can see all my beautiful supplies and be inspired.   But do I have a pulled together, able to get work done, place of my own to craft and play?

I can only dream  ...   unless I set my mind to it!

Lumin... LuminousMom

I have a craft room thats 16' long and 4' wide.. its an old walk in closet! Its a mess right now because I combined the spare bedroom which was FULL of my crafting things into it. Once its all sorted, and things I no longer need are tossed, it should serve my needs really well!

Queen... QueenOfNagsHead

We have a craft corner in the playroom lol. We have a table with a cute little storage bin thing.lol I can't come up with the right words. I would love to have a room for it since I am pregnant again & even though this corner is perfect for my 6 yr old twins, it might not be so great when my 7 month old & my new baby get older. So I am going to look into having a craft room when we buy a new house.

Momof... Momof3cuties

In our den...I have the back 1/2 of the very large room.  I need a bigger table but I managed to get a pretty decent area set up...now  to find the time to  craft!

damira damira

yeah i have a area in the basement for all my crafting with a special light and desk.

GodsG... GodsGirlZora

I am just starting so right now I am using the dining room table.  I hope to get a table and set up an area in the basement.

callm... callmemum

It took a long time but I finally have a 4th bedroom that is all mine! I have a separate table for sewing and another one for general crafting. I had to squeeze in some out-of-town guests 2 weeks ago......I was suprised how sad it was to put everything away.

bella... bella69147

My son wants his room redone. He wants a Giants room .My brother who is an interior designer told me all I need is some  imagination ans some paint and moldings and a room can go from blah to brand new wonderful. Its funny he will polish his furniture and add on all his Best buy gadgets and still thinks about painting his room blue like the Giants. We painted the whole house beige when we first moved in 12 and 1/2 years ago. We repainted other rooms, but his needs it the most now.

nonmember avatar staplaump

Thank you looking for details. It helped me in my mission

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