Upside-Down Tomato Plant: How's Yours Doing?

Summer's in full swing and tomatoes are ripening on the vine...well, at least they are in some places...

Cafe Sheri wrote about Topsy-Turvy Hanging Tomato Planters this spring, and I'm interested in hearing how they're working out for everyone. As such, I've taken a (very informal) poll from friends and family about how productive these tomato plants have been so far this summer...

  • My neighbor has exactly ZERO tomatoes growing from her planter. 
  • When Mr. Cafe Kim asked his grandma about her upside-down tomato planter, she said (and this is a direct quote), "I think they like being grown the way the Lord intended." By this, she meant that the plant seemed to want to grow up towards the light, which is obviously in the opposite direction of where the stalks are pointed; as a result of trying unsuccessfully to grow up, the root cracked. She has had one, very small, very green tomato all summer.
  • A good friend of mine who lives at the end of my block seems to have better luck than these two: She has two planters that look even better than the one in the photo!

These are definitely mixed results: Now, I don't know what to think about these things!

What about you? How is your upside-down hanging tomato planter working out for you so far this summer?

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