Doing Home Improvements With Kids

home improvements with kids, painting, reflooring, additionsHave you managed to do large home improvement projects since you became a parent?

If so, this post is directed to you. I want to know HOW you did it.

Please tell me.


Our little house is getting to the point where we really need to do some home improvements.

Of course, I have a giant master plan that covers upgrades to most every room in the house: some new floors, some old floors refinished, a bathroom remodel, the addition of a second bathroom, and the removal of a few walls and a gigantic fireplace; however, we don't have the funds to do everything at once — or anywhere else to live! To save money, we try to do most things ourselves, with the help and direction of some handy family members.

I just want to know how parents do it. How can we get any big (or small) home improvement projects done? Things go so slowly if just one of us works on a project.

It's also such time suckage, but I think we're getting there as far as prioritizing some work on the house over much-needed personal downtime on the weekends.

Have you managed to knock out some big house projects with kids? How did you do it?

  • Did you get sitters? 
  • Pay someone else to do it?
  • Take time off work?
  • Busy the kids with other things so you could work? 
  • Let the kids help?
  • Wait until your kids were older?
  • Watch the kids while your spouse worked on the project or vice versa?

How, how, how did you do it? I feel so stuck and also antsy to move forward.

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