Win a $500 Wal-Mart Shopping Spree from KILZ Brand Paints

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV

KILZ paints and primersYeah, so Lisa LaPorta, HGTV designer and host of Designed to Sell, contacted me the other day. Because she loves CafeMom's Daily Buzz so much, she and KILZ brand paints and primers generously offered up an in-person design consultation, along with some sample products from the KILZ line.

Yep, that's right.

Did I mention consultation came with a $1,000 shopping spree to Wal-Mart too?

Yeah, it did.

And right now, you can win a $500 shopping spree to Wal-Mart yourself!


Okay, so when I got this remarkable offer from Lisa and KILZ, I got to thinking that these are tough financial times for many folks. Who could really use this makeover (I mean sure, I wanted it, but who really needed it?).

Immediately, I thought about my son's nonprofit preschool. And Lisa and KILZ agreed!

So Lisa came up to NorCal and looked around the preschool. She is awesome, folks. Just like on TV. Friendly, smart, hardworking, and she has an exquisite eye for design. And that's not to say, she only has an eye for big cash makeovers. She provided the preschool Director, Ms. Shari, a thorough consultation, several ideas for easy, low-cost changes, and then helped us shop for the makeover that we will complete with the help of parent volunteers.

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

Lisa LaPorta suggests all new paint and a blue border around the window

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

There's me (hello!) and Lisa LaPorta at the preschool

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

This wall soon will be painted in chalkboard paint

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

This half wall will be tiled in cork for displaying the kids' projects

Lisa helped us picked paint colors (thank goodness cause that is so hard!), planned storage spaces, addressed window cover dillemmas, and strategized some overall organizational plans. She gave us great simple tips that will help make the space look less cluttered and feel more cohesive and orderly.

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

Lisa and Ms. Shari talk paint colors

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

Lisa places all the color chips, even the ones we don't like, together to help pick the right color

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

These look nice!

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

The main color pick brings a little more color and warmth to the room

Some of Lisa's tips for the preschool:

  • Group parent-centered bulletin boards together, rather than hanging several randomly on many different walls.
  • In kid spaces, it's not always necessary to use bold colors on the walls since the bold colors will come in through their toys, artwork, textiles, and other favorite things.
  • When choosing paint colors, place all the color choices down next to each other. For instance, when one yellow is set next to another yellow, you can see its true hue, tint, and base color much more clearly.
  • Prime before you paint. One coat of primer dries in less than an hour and allows fewer top coats, saving you time and money down the road.
  • Paint a large, open wall with chalkboard paint — useful for teachers, fun for kids.
  • Cover another half wall with cork tiles to hang all the kids ongoing artwork and projects.

We had $1,000 to spend at Wal-Mart, so we started in the paint section. We got some of the KILZ Clean Start primer, a zero VOC sealer and stainblocker, to use on the walls and several bookcases. Lisa explained that if you prime every time, you'll have to apply fewer top coats and you'll get better coverage and durability. We also picked up samples of the two KILZ paint colors we chose and enough white paint to cover all the preschool's bookcases, which are currently mismatched.

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

KILZ paints at Wal-Mart

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

Lisa and Ms. Shari narrow down the blue border color

For a grand total of $730 at Wal-Mart, we also got: four sets of wooden blinds, one set of curtains, five light fixtures (to cover some bare bulbs), cork tiles for the half wall, chalkboard paint, three bathroom mirrors, a wall clock and temperature gauge, several organizers, a floor pillow for the reading corner, and the preschool still has $270 to spend where needed as the project begins.

Lisa LaPorta, designer, HGTV, KILZ, Wal-Mart

Looks at all the great stuff we got for the preschool! Thanks, KILZ!

Wow, DIY décor projects CAN be done with minimal money! The preschool makeover is planned for September, and I'll be sure to show you how it turns out.

Thank you, Lisa LaPorta and KILZ brand paints for this gracious gift for our non-profit preschool.


You're probably wondering how you can get your own $500 makeover from KILZ...

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