10 Laundry Shortcuts, Pretty Laundry Rooms: Links I Love


Photo by JayGirlsMom

Laundry (and everything that goes along with it, i.e. ironing) is hands down my least favorite chore. Here are some laundry links I love:


10 laundry shortcuts and ways to get your clothes cleaner. — Woman's Day

This writer swears by this baby detergent. — Cool Mom Picks

And if you simply cannot get those baby clothes clean, this mom shares her old family trick.  — Lil Sugar

This soak-and-spin formula detergent cleans and preserves your clothes with much less water (and rinsing effort) than traditional methods. — Cookie

Okay, these next two links are purely my wishful thinking:

I honestly wouldn't mind doing laundry if my laundry room looked like these. — Apartment Therapy  

I can't justify spending $56 on a laundry bag, but oh if I could! — India Rose

Do you mind doing laundry (and if not, wanna come over to my house and do mine, LOL!)?






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