10 Laundry Shortcuts, Pretty Laundry Rooms: Links I Love


Photo by JayGirlsMom

Laundry (and everything that goes along with it, i.e. ironing) is hands down my least favorite chore. Here are some laundry links I love:

10 laundry shortcuts and ways to get your clothes cleaner. — Woman's Day

This writer swears by this baby detergent. — Cool Mom Picks

And if you simply cannot get those baby clothes clean, this mom shares her old family trick.  — Lil Sugar

This soak-and-spin formula detergent cleans and preserves your clothes with much less water (and rinsing effort) than traditional methods. — Cookie

Okay, these next two links are purely my wishful thinking:

I honestly wouldn't mind doing laundry if my laundry room looked like these. — Apartment Therapy  

I can't justify spending $56 on a laundry bag, but oh if I could! — India Rose

Do you mind doing laundry (and if not, wanna come over to my house and do mine, LOL!)?






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JayGi... JayGirlsMom

thanks for using my photo! my little DD looks so young there! she still loves to play in the laundry, but is rarely much help as to getting it done! LOL!

jennm... jennmarie77

I don't typically mind doing laundry, it's actually my preferred chore, however I don't have a dedicated laundry room at the moment, though we are working on it.

My washing machine is in my kitchen, my dryer in my utility room and the separating area in the upstairs back hallway. 

Next year it will all be in one area, the utility room, but we must get it insulated first and fundage is a little non existent right now.  I'll also have my front loader next year too.  Oh how happy I will be not to have to drag wet laundry from kitchen to utility room in the middle of winter.

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