I Have to Live With a Boy!

moving in with your boyfriend

My boyfriend and I

My boyfriend and I recently decided to move in together. I couldn't be happier, but the thought of combining our furniture less than thrills me.


He has all that typical "bachelor pad" furniture: the big black leather couch, the bar stools and table, and that super ugly recliner he's had since college but refuses to give up because "it's just now getting broken in." Oh, and did I mention he wants to get a Buck Hunter arcade game for him and his buddies? Yeah...

I, on the other hand, love the way my apartment is currently decorated. I don't want to be a         ,  but I'm extremely particular with the way my home looks (one of my majors in college was interior design for goodness sake!).

Obviously, I know compromises have to be made, but in situations like this, how much should I compromise? Do I throw out the recliner or just reupholster it in some beautiful fabric? Keep the bar table or paint it so it's not so frat boy-ish? Or are reupholstering and painting even taking it too far?

Any tips, ladies? How did you handle moving in with your SO?


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