Do You Clean Your House Before You Go On Vacation?

do you clean house before vacation

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I can't go away on vacation—or even just for the weekend—without leaving my house spotless. For one thing, it's nice to come back to a clean house after a relaxing trip and not to have to worry about anything but a little laundry. I've come home to disaster areas and it's just not a great way to get back into the swing of daily life.


For another, I worry about the things that could happen while I'm away. Someone could stop by unexpectedly for a visit and peer into the windows and think I'm a slob. A jewel thief might break in setting off the alarms and the police would come and see the mess and think the robbers did it but I'd have to explain, that "No, no, that's the way I left everything. (Or maybe I wouldn't.) I could die and my family would have to go through my house and clean it and I'd feel really really bad about that. Leaving a messy house would just spoil my vacation.

What about you? Do you clean your house before you go away?


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