DIY Project: Roman Shades Out of Mini Blinds


DIY roman shades

Photo by Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries


I love this project that my ridiculously talented friend Jennifer posted over on her blog, The Newlywed Diaries. She turned mini blinds into Roman shades, genius!


The first step is to attach a blackout liner to the fabric before attaching fabric to the blinds (she learned this the hard way). Cut the liner to the exact size you want your shade to be.

Next, cut your fabric so that it was about an inch bigger than the liner on all four sides. Use fabric glue and fold the fabric around the edges. This is the back of the shade that faces the window, so you can trim it a little to make it look neater.

Now you want to get the blinds ready to attach to fabric and liner. Let the blinds out all the way and lay them on the floor, face up.

Cut each of the small strings that go between the slats and remove the outside strings, being careful not to cut the lift strings, which are the strings in the middle of the slats. Then remove the plugs on the bottom of the blinds, and slide all but five slats off. If you want more pleats in your shade, leave more slats.



Now put the remaining blinds face down on the fabric and glue the top on first, taking care to not glue the lift strings down and leaving space at each end to reattach the blinds (now shades!) to the window.


Now measure for each slat (Jennifer did them 9 inches apart, but if you want more pleats, along with leaving in more slats, you can put them closer together) and place them all before gluing any of them.

Then glue them down, but be careful to not glue the lift strings! Then reattach the bottom by tying new knots in the string and replacing the plugs.


Voila! You have a set of Roman shades! Thanks Jennifer for this fantastic DIY project!

So who's gonna try to transform their drab mini blinds into fabulous Roman shades?


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