Inspiration Garage Clean-Out

Sherry and John over on Young House Love just cleaned out their garage. Why does it seem so fun when they do it?


Maybe it's cause I've been dying to do this with our basement and our closet and the boys room and my office and pretty much every room in the house...

And just like Peter Walsh used to do on my old favorite Clean Sweep, Sherry and John used the following technique:

  • Move everything out.
  • Separate everything into three groups: 1) trash, 2) recycle/donate, and 3) keep.

This seems to be the only true way to really clean out a space and get it organized for the life you're living. I mean, let's face it. Most of us probably have loads of old stuff tucked away here and there that we don't even know we own anymore. And if you don't physically move the item or boxes out and face them, there's the tendency not to "see" or deal with them.

They did a great job, don't you think?

What room or space needs a big clean-out at your house?

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